Sweet Soft Play


Terms and Conditions

At Sweet Soft Play we want to provide every customer with the highest quality soft play possible, this means we need to keep our equipment in the best condition.

For us to do this we request all our hirers to be aware of, and follow our rules, whilst the equipment is in their possession. Failure to comply with this may result in damage to the equipment, which the hirer is liable for.

Terms and conditions:

Health and Safety

  1. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that children are supervised at all times by a responsible adult.
  2. The equipment is designed for children aged 0-5 years.
  3. On delivery we ask you to sign a hirer agreement and disclaimer to confirm that you accept full responsibility for the equipment hired and the safety of all children using the equipment.
  4. If the equipment is lost, damaged or stolen the hirer will be charged and billed accordingly.
  5. Equipment will be checked upon set up and again at collection time and any issues will be brought to the hirer’s attention.
  6. No pets are allowed on the equipment.
  7. All footwear must be removed before entering on to the equipment (both adults and children – please note; high heels will cause permanent damage to mats and equipment!).
  8. Equipment must not leave the room it has been set up in.
  9. There must be no smoking or barbeques near the soft play equipment.
  10. Children should be kept clear of the play area during set up and removal.
  11. No food or drink must be consumed within the soft play area.


  • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the space provided is big enough for the package booked. If we are unable to set up the complete package ordered, the hirer is still liable to pay for the full cost.


  • Sweet Soft Play uses a large van to transport the equipment to and from your event. We will need adequate space near the venue entrance. Please let us know at the time of booking if you think access maybe a problem.
  • Steps – for health and safety reasons we are unable to carry our equipment up any flight of stairs. A sizeable lift must be available if your event is on the first floor or above.
  • To help with the clearing away of equipment we request all balls are kept in the ball pool ready for collection time.
  • Outdoor use – please contact us before booking to discuss your requirements further.


  • Your booking will be confirmed when we have received your completed booking form along with £20 deposit, this will secure your date. This deposit is non refundable.
  • The balance can be paid for on arrival at small events. For larger events such as Weddings and Christenings we require the full cost to be paid 14 days in advance.


If you cancel your booking, monies paid will not be returned.

In the rare case that we need to cancel your booking due to:

  • i) Adverse weather conditions preventing us from safe delivery and collection
  • ii) Staff illness
  • iii) Accident or emergency or loss/damage or theft of equipment

We will refund you in full.


  • A small delivery fee may be added for journeys further than 10 miles from Cottingham. Please ask for details.